Teach Climate & Redefine It

T.C. R. I. is an entirely youth-led, youth-run 501(c)(3) non profit project with a mission to educate Sonoma County's youth on the climate crisis, in order to plant the seeds for the next generation of climate activists.

TCRI left an indelible impression on my fourth graders. My students were motivated and inspired to take action against climate change. These young folks are leading the way toward a better tomorrow. They are welcome back in my classroom today, tomorrow, and any other day of the week."

-Allie Brown, Teacher At Gravenstein Elementary

What We Do

Teach Climate and Redefine It (TCRI) is a completely youth-led, youth-run non-profit organization based in Sonoma County

We go into local elementary and middle schools (virtually or in-person) and give engaging informational presentations to students about the climate crisis and what actions they can take to combat it.

Contact Us

Send an email to contact@teachclimate.net to set up a presentation that specifically meets your students' needs. We present to kindergarten through 8th grade classes! (PS... we're super flexible and will take whatever time you can give us!)


We'll come present to your students on all sorts of environmental and climate topics (the science of it all, consumption, the natural world, fast fashion, sustainable agriculture, environmental politics, environmental racism and more.) We use interactive activities and engaging conversation to make "presentations" as personal and impactful as possible. 

Climate Pledges

At the end of every presentation, we encourage students to create a personal climate pledge. This single commitment is designed to inspire a lifetime of dedication to the Earth.  We also love being invited back for a follow up presentation to go further in depth on topics we've introduced in our presentation.

TCRI's Legacy

Students are educated and empowered to take action and everyone benefits as a result! The next generation has a seed planted to sprout into a lifetime of environmental advocacy!


Email us to set up a presentation or if you have any questions! We are happy to put you in touch with other teachers we've presented to if you want a teacher's perspective on our presentations. We are very flexible with meeting the needs of individual teachers and are constantly coming up with new curricula and new ways to engage students.


Talk to your teacher about having us come present to your class!

Know A Teacher?

Connect us! If you think they might like us to present to their class, feel free to share our information with them!