Our Numbers

Since our club's founding in 2019, we have presented to:

1750+ STUDENTS                                                                          AT12+DIFFERENT SCHOOLS                                                                           THROUGH  70+PRESENTATIONS

Ms. Brown, 4th grade Januaray 2020

Ms. Squires, 4th grade January 2020

Ms. Gorman, 5th grade February 2020

Ms. Martinez, 4th grade February 2020

Ms. Grimm, 5th grade February 2020

Ms. Hansen, 5th grade February 2020

Ms. Mcoulough, 3rd and 4th grade April 2020

Ms. Teneaure, 7th grade April 2020

Ms. Mcgovern, 5th grade May 2020

Ms. Teneuaure, 8th grade May 2020

Ms. Golden, 5th grade May 2020

Ms. Rich, 6th grade September 2020

Ms Garson, 7th grade April 2021

Ms. Clements, 7th grade March 2022

Ms. Rich, 6th grade March 2022

Ms. Zago, 6th grade September 2023

Ms. Williams, 9th-12th grade September 2023

Ms. Birnbaum, 4th October 2023

Ms. Brenda, 5th-8th grade March 2023

Ms. Castaneda, 6th grade April 2023

Ms. Hall, 8th grade April 2023

Ms. Mcilroy, 9th-12th September 2023