TCRI left an indelible impression on my fourth graders. My students were motivated and inspired to take action against climate change. These young folks are leading the way toward a better tomorrow. They are welcome back in my classroom today, tomorrow, and any other day of the week."

-Allie Brown, Teacher At Gravenstein Elementary

Our presentations are informative and engaging. We use credible scientific information to teach students about our climate crisis, and then use interactive activities to bring in personal elements. As teenagers, we are uniquely able to engage students as peers. 

Teachers love when we come to their classes and are very impressed with the quality of our presentations. We've had multiple teachers asking us to come back again to follow up on our presentation as well as come back the next year to teach a new group of students. 

Many students have told us our presentations were interesting and exciting and made them want to take action to make a difference. You can hear students' accounts here. Many parents have told us their kids came home excited and energized to tell them about climate change. We have been jokingly blamed by many a parent for their child's newfound obsession with vegetarianism and adamant bike-riding. We love to hear it!

In-Person Presentation

5th Grade

Gravenstein Elementary

Virtual Presentation

6th Grade

Hillcrest Middle School

Typical Presentations

Our typical presentations are 45 minutes to an hour. However, we are super flexible with whatever time we can get :)  

In-Person Presentations

In person, we use slideshows, engaging discussion, interactive activities, and action-based projects with students to leave an impression. As always, students create a "climate pledge."

Virtual Presentations

Over Zoom, we often split into breakout rooms to engage students in discussion and use online tools like Kahoot to reinforce (and add some fun!) to the information we've shared, (winner always receives a $5 gift card to a local business such as Screamin' Mimi's.)

Follow-Up Presentations:

We would be love to come back to your class for a follow-up presentation! There is so much information we would love to share with the students that we usually can't get to in just an hour. It's also a great way to remind students about their climate pledges.

We are very flexible about meeting the needs of specific classes. Email us and we will work something out! We are happy to connect you with teachers that we've presented to so they can give an educator's perspective on our presentations.